Appalachian Trail Section Hike- Hiking the Whites

As we headed into New Hampshire, we started to get a little nervous about the upcoming White Mountains from all the stories we were hearing from north bounders: The climbs were gonna be terrible and hiking would be hard and slow. The AMC was gonna take ALL of our money. The crowds were gonna be torture. I’m happy to say that NONE of those things were true. We absolutely loved hiking the Whites!Hiking the WhitesHiking the WhitesHiking the WhitesNot only was the terrain absolutely gorgeous, we were lucky enough to have amazing weather at all of the higher elevations. Sure the hiking is hard up there, but the views make it more than worth it.Hiking the WhitesHiking the WhitesAnd the hut system is awesome! We stopped at many of the huts throughout the Whites to purchase homemade snacks and soups which was such a treat after a hard day of hiking. The Potato Dill soup we had for lunch at Zealand Falls Hut was my favorite but honestly everything we ate was so freaking good.Hiking the WhitesHiking the WhitesI was even lucky enough to stay at the beautiful Lake of the Clouds Hut just after Mt. Washington as a gift from two hikers we met whose buddy had pulled out of their hike at the last minute so his hut stay couldn’t be cancelled. Can’t thank Ed and Tim enough for their kindness! Since Whoopsie and Gnome signed up for a work for stay there, we were all well fed, rested and happy that day!Hiking the WhitesHiking the WhitesHiking the WhitesHiking the WhitesHiking the WhitesHiking the WhitesMy favorite day in the Whites was hiking the amazing Franconia Ridge. With gorgeous views for miles, it felt otherworldly on top of the long ridge. Be sure to take plenty of water up if you hike Franconia Ridge as it can get hot up there and water is scarse. Hiking the WhitesHiking the WhitesHiking the WhitesHiking the WhitesHiking the WhitesHiking the WhitesHiking the WhitesAs far as being really expensive to backpack the Whites, we did not find that to be true. We never had to camp at a fee site, so the only money we spent was for food at the huts which was an awesome deal. Hiking the WhitesSo now we are resting up in the adorable college town of Hanover and getting ready to head to the next state! Vermont, we can’t wait to see your beautiful mountains! 

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